Do you bleed?

If you want to know how civilized a culture is, look at how they treat it's women. India as a society boasting of its rich culture and it's democratic setup, we have failed our daughters. It's painful that so called world's largest democracy still doesn't have equal representation for women. Two of India's daughters Shah Bano and Nirbhaya, are victims of this rich heritage. In 27 years between the triple talaq case of Bano and the infamous night of Delhi, we didn't learn anything. Men including myself are part of patriarchal system which has oppressed everyone. The Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra had recently questioned why are women excluded from entering Sabarimala Temple? In the year 2018 if this question is still relevant we as a progressive society or just as a society somewhere have suppressed the voices of women. The irony is that having a religious angle to this even women will not be raising their voices, but those women  should remember sati


When the first drop from the sky kissed the earth A warrior walked out from the heart of the earth He held his head high he had scars on him Of the battles he had fought  The drops from the heaven couldn't heal his wounds He wasn't the man he once was He had become the beast of the dark Even the sun couldn't meet him eye to eye He had known this for long now That everything in this mortal world came at a price He had payed his youth in the battles he had fought Some he lost, some he had won Hell will rise on those who have wronged him They will pay in blood when thy will fight When the last drop falls from the sky It will wash every drop of blood  When the sun rises again The warrior would be long gone But someday he will rise again And have his vengeance in black white and grey


Humne sabko apna khuda kar diya Kiski ko apna takhdeer samajha kiski ko ishq par sabne humae bura maan liya jisko apna samjha usne toh humae paraya kar diya ab humnae zindagi ko ishq man liya tuthe dil ko apna takdeeer ghum ko yaar kar diya parchai ko hi apna man liya


I bought a bottle of glass, and called it 'love' I kept it on my shelf called 'life' Then I bought a plant and called it 'happiness' I filled love and watered happiness Someone broke my love I took all the pieces of love and kept in life But happiness dried out soon With hope I tried to fix love but hope gave up With time I thought happiness will grow back whenever I searched for love in life I cut my hand red People asked me about the scars I told them it was chaos Hope didn't bring back my love and with time chaos grew I took all the  pieces of love and kept it in pain I asked destiny to bring back love Hope and destiny told me love doesn't belong to me So I decided to fill life with faith and then I found campassion And in time I found myself.......

The Unknown

I stood there still as a tomb I gazed and gazed, but with a little thought With misery, I asked myself what is this place? I looked behind, I looked ahead, All in vain To end my misery, I closed my eyes And thought  awhile I'm here for myself now I don't know what, when or how? I will learn about it in time Until then I'm fine

Review :The Manuscript Found in Accra.

 The tempting front cover and the brand name" Mr. Paulo Coelho"  buying these one was always an easy option.But buying it online was a bit better given the fact "How much I paid?" which I realized later (courtesy friends).That is my destiny, being a fan of his Alchemist I had always had that edge!.If you are new to the author is this the best novel to start with ? Novel ? may be I have to put more brains or goggle instead to this piece of literature will be called ,"A Manuscript" yes this man is a genius.Now lets talk on what the book is all about? The plot is simple but has its on complexity initially. So you may feel confused rather with history of how the book? leaving that aside.The narrator (not Coelho book has it's own) tells us about an incident in 1099 at Jerusalem an eve before the city  heading to a battle or waiting for unwanted visitor "death",  a wise man talks about  different things in life . In the book you have each cha

Anonymous:pages from my dairy

    Sreenath had already captured everybody's imagination, I being the shy kid I was happy as I wasn't in the limelight. Lunch break at AV was so strange all those prayers and stuffs I felt annoyed and no non-veg for lunch added to my misery .Everyone was busy eating their food and suddenly somebody throw water on my head, I turn around just see Sreenath chanting something ,he said it was their ritual and the only thing I could do is to make an understanding face. But Vishnu.k wasn't happy with Sreenath (Sree) ,he argued with Sree and after argument that  water ritual wasn't performed again not in the class.You always have to be careful with names such as Vishnu,Arjun ,Rahul because you have many people so initials are a must. It was my first day and for me it was to soon to make friends as I knew I wont be changing another school as we had settled at Kerala.But they say man proposes and God disposes and so was the.........