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New Honda CBR 150R

          Honda motors India launched CBR 150R last week,earlier this  year the company had surprised the auto enthusiasts by unveiling the bike at auto expo 2012 in New Delhi.When Honda launched its 250cc back in 2011 it got tremendous response,150cc CBR was on cards then onwards.CBR 250r price tag was huge so people in India always wanted CBR 150R.This new machine faces Challenges from YZF r15,Duke 200,Pulsar 200ns ,220 and ZMR.But the real fight is between the Japanese, CBR 1000rr              CBR 150R comes with 4stroke-Single cylinder-4 valve engine with a displacement of about 149.4cc.The engine produces 17.58bhp power and 12.66Nm of torque.CBR150r  don't resembles the motoGP version but the VFR 1200 which isn't that great, looking the R kid which Yamaha is offering to  add to the cons the bike cost a whoopin 10k more than R15.Honda had come with the tag  taste first blood with this one, lets wait and watch how the blood tastes! VFR 1200f


        When asked what are friends? this is what the great Philosopher Aristotle has to say " One soul inhabiting two bodies".I don't know how much you all will agree with it.If  I was asked the same question I would have defined it as "People who react on every crap you do in the name of social networking".Overflown inbox to the empty wallets all have the same story .Life without this creatures may be hard to imagine.A little chat somewhere in time which began with exchange of names may be the precious moments of our lives.No one knows when they all came but one day when you needed them they were there.We all have heard A friend in need is a friend indeed .Friends are so important equally important are the things they bring into your lives .Friends influence us the most as they are the people who are involved with us the most.The inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person having neither to weigh thoughts ,nor measure words,but pouring them all o