To every thing there is a season ,and a time to every purpose under the heaven:A time to be born ,and a time to die...A time to weep ,and a time laugh;a time to mourn,and a time to dance.The word from the holy bible.

     The noise around was so annoying that I opened my eyes .The only thing I could make out was the lecture was over .As the teacher had taken the attendance earlier,I was comfortable to pick myself up to the washroom.The hot tap water didn't make much of difference but I was feeling better.Than somebody shouted loud the last two hours would be Physics!. The class turned into battle ground people were fighting for last rows , side seats were vacant ,I was quick to get into last bench .The door opened and came the lecturer he didn't wasted any time and quickly took the attendance .He knew that we were disappointed ,so to cheer us he said that our class was best in the batch and he liked to take lecture in our class.

  The trick worked people were glued to the man ,seeing everyone I thought I should also concentrate but everything he was talking went above my head .The more I concentrated the more I went for nap.Suddenly my fellow sleeper came to foam and started his double meaning jokes.As a normal human I was laughing.The lecture made a look  ,but it didn't stop my friend he went on and on.The frequent look at us by the lecturer made me more conscious .I begged my friend to stop finally the jokes ended.

       Now everything went to normal I was sleeping ,the lecture was fine .Than all of a sudden my friend went onto singing, I  couldn't controlled myself  I burst out.The man who praised us half an hour ago for being good was disappointed and I was the culprit he went on from a gentleman to angry man! he was saying something to me but I couldn't make out what I was shivering than he came close to me and said only two words get out.But the last hour attendance was important for me I pleaded for mercy I said sorry .He than gave me a ten minutes advice hearing that I felt going out was better.

   My classmates were laughing at me and I could only have this words in my mind "Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else"and this one is not from bible but straight from my heart.


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