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It is one thing which could not match anything It flow in your heart like a stream And flows until you 'crack it out' It makes you naughty As you were a baby It has no particular moment to come  It 'signs' in and out so fast, Until you know ,moments have gone Rich can't own it Poor can't beg it As it doesn't differ, 'Rich or Poor' It benefits  both It makes you celebrate, It makes you forget the 'Bad' You could share it, Have it,but can't do just one thing. You can't stop it. It make your soul to shine. Just as the sun in dawn knowingly or unknowingly It's the ship,you will love to go, In these world drawn in the ocean of sorrow I guarantee you, that it won't sink, Until you throw it of  It is a land Nowhere around,a globe It's just a creation, A gift from the 'All Mighty' I tell you friends, the world of happiness has no ends Sorry if I bore you s