I never saw a girl of her kind
Never even thought of it one time
She was pretty
And prettier the next time
Her eyes spoke something
Which could not,match anything
Her lips hummed a song
Which was in my heart for long
I never saw anyone,as her
Even I saw many,on my way
She is the one ,said the heart that day
She is the dream far away
She flows in my heart like a stream
She is my  breath ,she is my heart
Yes she is a distant dream
thz was my pain,which I wish I never gain
She is my angel and I am from hell
I don't know when I fell
Was that the eyes or the innocent smile
Life is a terrible race
Tired of playing foolish game
Tired of making a name
weeks rush on and the days go by
now I never see my angels face
I wish I could explain her why?
But never came the tomorrow
which could wipe my sorrow
the distance between us grows n grows
around the corner yet miles away
I have an angel ,my friend


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