First day at a new school is always a strange thing ,all those new faces around you .It was my sixth grade and I already had changed five schools ,so adjusting wasn't herculean task,the bonus you get for being an armywalas kid!. Every time somebody came to me for introducing himself I felt alienated .My punjabi slang worsened the situation my malayalam was so poor that my new mates laughed at me.I was sitting on the first bench because it was the safest place to be when you are new in a class later you can have your options. Pranav that was the kid sitting right to me Pamal on my left I read those from the cool spider man  name slips the guys had.Every hour when a teacher entered, I had to introduce myself time again.After all these only thing I knew was I wasn't the only one there Sreenath Namboodri was from Dubai .


  1. well begun half done..
    waiting for more..

    be sure to censor somethings out..
    know wt i mean..


  2. "Sherwood Academy, Abu dhabi"
    Remember that...?


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