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    Sreenath had already captured everybody's imagination, I being the shy kid I was happy as I wasn't in the limelight. Lunch break at AV was so strange all those prayers and stuffs I felt annoyed and no non-veg for lunch added to my misery .Everyone was busy eating their food and suddenly somebody throw water on my head, I turn around just see Sreenath chanting something ,he said it was their ritual and the only thing I could do is to make an understanding face. But Vishnu.k wasn't happy with Sreenath (Sree) ,he argued with Sree and after argument that  water ritual wasn't performed again not in the class.You always have to be careful with names such as Vishnu,Arjun ,Rahul because you have many people so initials are a must. It was my first day and for me it was to soon to make friends as I knew I wont be changing another school as we had settled at Kerala.But they say man proposes and God disposes and so was the.........


  1. Hey.. remember that one special class.. You were new at school and in the interval you and some others held a race in the central rectangle... I saw you pulling ahead of the others and I remember thinking to myself...
    'Competition.. Huh..?'..
    If you remember, I used to be the leading athlete those days..


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