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Review :The Manuscript Found in Accra.

 The tempting front cover and the brand name" Mr. Paulo Coelho"  buying these one was always an easy option.But buying it online was a bit better given the fact "How much I paid?" which I realized later (courtesy friends).That is my destiny, being a fan of his Alchemist I had always had that edge!.If you are new to the author is this the best novel to start with ? Novel ? may be I have to put more brains or goggle instead to this piece of literature will be called ,"A Manuscript" yes this man is a genius.Now lets talk on what the book is all about? The plot is simple but has its on complexity initially. So you may feel confused rather with history of how the book? leaving that aside.The narrator (not Coelho book has it's own) tells us about an incident in 1099 at Jerusalem an eve before the city  heading to a battle or waiting for unwanted visitor "death",  a wise man talks about  different things in life . In the book you have each cha