Do you bleed?

If you want to know how civilized a culture is, look at how they treat it's women. India as a society boasting of its rich culture and it's democratic setup, we have failed our daughters. It's painful that so called world's largest democracy still doesn't have equal representation for women. Two of India's daughters Shah Bano and Nirbhaya, are victims of this rich heritage. In 27 years between the triple talaq case of Bano and the infamous night of Delhi, we didn't learn anything. Men including myself are part of patriarchal system which has oppressed everyone.

The Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra had recently questioned why are women excluded from entering Sabarimala Temple? In the year 2018 if this question is still relevant we as a progressive society or just as a society somewhere have suppressed the voices of women. The irony is that having a religious angle to this even women will not be raising their voices, but those women  should remember sati was also not questioned for a long time. 

We all know women are not allowed at a place of worship because they bleed, but society should remember this that we exists because they bleed. I may be wrong and let us agree to all this, then what about the men who enter Shabrimala without the 41 days vratham (fasting) prior to the pilgrimage? The men who don't keep any dignity to the divine?

But sometimes I think it's safe for women not to visit, because they should be scared of the men who run the system. The temple should be the last place where a women's dignity is at threat, but in our times that is also far from guaranteed. Destroy the idea that men should respect women because they are our daughters, mothers and sisters. Reinforce the idea men should respect women because they are people.


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